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Serv-UŽ Feature Show

More information

  • FTP Voyager JV
    • Web Based ftp client
      Built in File Transfer Client for Serv-U
      • No more wasted time and money due to support problems
      • Eliminate software costs for end-users
      • No installation required
      • Launches right from your end-users' browser
      • A "must have" product for all businesses

      Mobile Web Client
    • Mobile Web Based client

      Mobile Web Client

      The Serv-U File Server is accessible on the iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile, Android Mobile and BlackBerry.* No additional application is required to remotely access your media or business files from anywhere in the world. With an interface specifically designed for mobile web browsers, Serv-U looks and functions like a native application while retaining Serv-U's revolutionary multi-lingual interface.

      Connect to Serv-U from your iPhone

      • Serv-U has added support for all major mobile devices.
      • View your important office documents on-the-go.
      • View images, stream audio/video, PDF's, Word & Excel documents, power point presentations, and more.
      • Expand your mobile device capacity by streaming audio/videos from your Serv-U server.
      • ...and so much more.

      • Serv-U supports mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iPhone and iPod Touch.

        Serv-U automatically detects your mobile device and loads the mobile login interface shown above. Simply enter your username & password, then tap the login button and Serv-U will place the user in their home directory upon successful login.

        The Mobile Client interface gives you a basic directory listing much like the Web Client. Tap a file or folder to view its contents. Tapping the arrow on the right brings up details and allows you to perform basic file maintenance operations.

        Image files show a small thumbnail when viewing directory listings. Tapping the image file brings up a larger thumbnail. The full-size image can be viewed by tapping the larger thumbnail again.

        Supported image files show a larger thumbnail when viewed separately. To view the image in full size, tap it again.

        Supported image files show a larger thumbnail when viewed separately. To view the image in full size, tap it again.

    • Browser Based File Transfer Client

      The Web Client is a great way to share your File Server with end-users who may not be as computer savvy as you. It works just like a regular web page to provide an interface that is familiar, unintimidating, and easy-to-use. The Web Client is supported in all Serv-U editions and is compatible with Internet Explorer 6.0+, Mozilla Firefox 1.0+, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

      Learn more about the Web Client, or try it out for yourself now using thelive Serv-U Demo Server. Login and launch the Web Client: